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        Fulcro Insurance is a Hispanic owned brokerage firm with offices in Puerto Rico, km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cn, Georgia and the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1981 as First Insurance Group, we changed our name to reflect our mission to place the balance in your favor.


        Our industry-specific experts assess your unique situation and challenges to design cost-effective insurance solutions, surety, and employee benefits programs that protect you against the unexpected. When times get tough, Fulcro provides the support you need to level the playing field. It is our mission to make insurance simple, secure, and honest. Up your game with Fulcro.


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        When times get tough, Fulcro provides the support you need to level the playing field.
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        Fulcro Insurance is one of the few brokers dedicated to the needs of the construction industry. Our Construction Risk Specialists are equipped to help you manage risk and find loss control solutions inherent to the industry.


        Our clients include: contractors, suppliers, construction managers, architects, engineers, and developers. We take on bonded and insured projects of all types, from residential and industrial to infrastructural.


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        Construction Risk specialists.
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        Fulcro Insurance helps you find the best policy to protect your business and assets, and in turn, your peace of mind.


        We manage a wide variety of insurance portfolios for industrial and commercial concerns, such as: manufacturing and processing plants, transportation, retail and wholesale distribution, government entities, as well as professional.


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        Commercial Risk specialists.

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        Fulcro Insurance is one of the few insurance brokers that offers integrated solutions to the complex administrative challenges that commercial customers and their Human Resources team face.


        We work with you to find the most effective and reliable employee benefits solutions that your staff will thank you for.


        Contact our Benefits Program specialists.


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        Private Client

        Fulcro's Private Client insurance experts assist high net-worth individuals and their families with their complex protection needs.


        We assess your individual needs to design customized, comprehensive personal risk management programs.


        Contact our Private Client team.

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        At Fulcro Insurance, our Claims Specialists ensure our clients receive compensation for every loss covered by their policy.


        Our experts understand the claims process and work to tilt the scales in your favor.​


        Contact our Claims specialists.


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        Puerto Rico

        Los Muchachos Bldg. 204 San Francisco St. Old San Juan, PR 00901


        Tel: 787.725.5880


        km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cn

        47 Perimeter Center East Suite 100

        Atlanta, GA 30346


        km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cn

        Toll-free: 1.888.425.5666





        100 E Pine Street

        Suite 301 Orlando, FL 32801

        Tel: 407.384.2201

        Toll-free:km810cm快猫破解 bbs4.cn


        Dominican Republic

        Ave. Maximo Aviles Blonda No. 20

        Esq. Jose Brea Peña, Ens. Evaristo Morales Santo Domingo, D.R.


        Tel: 809.620.0000

        Tel: 809.227.1327

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        Stay up to date with Fulcro and read up on important 

        information and discussions on current insurance topics.

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